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    Password Protected Deployments with the Amplify Console

    nader dabitnader dabit

    In this video you'll learn how to deploy a web application to AWS using the Amplify Console and add password protection for custom access control.



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    Instructor: If you've already deployed to Amplify, you can jump to the one-minute mark. The first thing we'll do is open the AWS console and search for AWS Amplify. Next, under Deploy, choose Get Started.

    In this screen, you can choose your Git provider and then choose Continue. Here, you'll need to authorize AWS to access your Git repository. In this screen, choose the repository in the branch that you'd like to deploy.

    Amplify should auto detect your default build setting so you can scroll down and click Next. To deploy the application, click Save and Deploy. When the app is successfully deployed, you should see four green check marks.

    To test everything out, click the URL.

    Instructor: To add password protection, we can click on Access Control. In this screen, click on Manage Access. Here, we can apply a global password or a password based on a branch. Here, we'll set a password for the master branch.

    Instructor: Once the username and password have been saved, we can go back to the main dashboard. Now, when we go to view the site, we're prompted for our username and password.