Deploying a Nuxt Site to AWS with the Amplify CLI

nader dabit
Instructornader dabit
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Published 4 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

In this video you'll learn how to deploy a static Nuxt site to AWS's global edge CDN in less than two minutes. We'll start from scratch, creating a new Nuxt site using npx and walk through the build configuration to set up the deployment target for Jamstack / static site hosting. From there, we'll initialize a new Amplify project using the Amplify CLI and walk through the settings to configure the proper build command for Amplify hosting. Finally, we'll deploy and view the live site. Once we're finished, we'll delete the project and the hosting service.

Instructor: [0:00] To get started, we'll create a new nuxt-app using npx. The nuxt project configuration will set the deployment target to static. Next, we'll initialize a new amplify project by running amplify init.

[0:38] We'll keep most of the defaults, but for the built command, we'll set the build command to npm run generate. To add static site hosting, we'll run amplify add hosting. For the plugin module, we'll choose hosting with the Amplify Console.

[1:05] For the deployment type, we'll choose manual deployment for CLI-based deployment. To deploy the hosting, we'll run amplify publish.

[1:18] Once the deployment is successful, you'll be given a Lob URL to check out your site. You can also view your site in the Amplify Console at any time by running amplify console. To delete the project and the hosting at any time, run amplify delete.

~ 21 minutes ago

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