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    Change a Commit Message that Hasn't Been Pushed Yet

    Chris AchardChris Achard

    If you make a mistake in a commit message but HAVEN'T pushed it yet, you can change that commit message with --amend:

    git commit --amend -m "New message"

    This won't change any of the files in your commit - but will rewrite the commit with the new message.



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    Instructor: 0:00 Let's start a new git project by going to New on GitHub and entering a repository name of git_mistakes. I'll make that public and initialize it with a README.

    0:14 Once it's created, I can find the clone link and in a terminal I will git clone that repository. Then I can cd into it. I'm going to touch index.html, which'll be the first file that we make. In a text editor, we can open that folder.

    0:35 In our index.html file, let's paste in some HTML. Now we want to add this to a commit. First, let's do a git status to see that we have index.html that is not tracked yet. It's untracked. We can add index.html. Now if we do a git status, we have it as changes to be committed.

    0:56 This is what we call staged or in the index. We can commit that with git commit -m. We'll say adding index.html to git mistooks.

    1:08 As soon as I type that, I realize that I said mistooks instead of mistakes, so I want to change that commit message. Since I haven't pushed this yet, I can just say git commit --ammend. Now I can say that I want to give it a new message of adding index.html to git mistakes.

    1:30 If I do a git log --oneline, I can see I have my initial commit that GitHub made when it made the project, and then I have my adding index.html to git mistakes. It actually rewrote the commit message that had a typo in it.