Implement Inversion of Control

InstructorKent C. Dodds

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Inversion of Control is a simple principle that can drastically improve your reusable code. In this lesson we'll go over the concept and you'll get an idea of how you can apply it for your own abstractions.

This is based on my blog post: Inversion of Control

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Daniel Deverell
Daniel Deverell
~ 11 months ago

Thanks for this. I will definitely be using inversion more in the future. Note to others: at the end of the video you probably want legCount set in the filterByLegCount function:

function filterByLegCount(array, legCount) {
  return filter(array, animal => animal.legs === legCount);
Chandrasekar Arunachalam
Chandrasekar Arunachalam
~ 11 months ago

Hello Kent,

Correct me if I'm wrong. To check undefined and null like this (element !== null && element !== undefined). Hope the following will work (element != null) this checks both undefined and null.