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    Introduction to GitHub

    Kent C. DoddsKent C. Dodds

    In this lesson we’ll talk about what GitHub is and how to sign up for a GitHub account so you can contribute to an open source project on GitHub.



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    00:00 GitHub is a git hosting service. A vast majority of the modern open source projects use GitHub to host their code. GitHub has many features that cater to open-source projects.

    00:09 To participate in open-source projects on GitHub, you need to create an account. To create an account, just pick a username, an email address and a password, and then click Sign up for GitHub, then choose the plan that's right for you.

    00:20 We'll hit the finish Sign up button here. It looks like GitHub is wise to the fact that I'm a copy account, but it did actually send me an email. I can go ahead and verify my email address there. Our email is verified.

    00:32 Now, we have a GitHub account. We can start browsing GitHub. The specific repository that we're interested in is found at eggheadio-github/stack-overflow-copy-paste. This is the repository that we're going to be contributing to you for this project.