Prune Old Unused Docker Containers and Images

Mark Shust
InstructorMark Shust

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Published 5 years ago
Updated 5 months ago

In this lesson, we will look at docker container prune to remove old docker containers. We can also use docker system prune to clean up any containers, images, volumes, and networks all in one command.

[00:00] We currently have two running containers and two containers that aren't running. Let's go ahead and prune them out with docker container prune.

[00:08] This will remove all containers that are not currently running. We also have images on our local machine that may or may not be currently used. There's a similar command named docker image prune, which we can use to prune out all images without attached containers. There are also related commands for volumes and networks.

[00:28] Let's try another command, docker system prune. This will clear our system of all containers, images, volumes and networks that are not currently being used. Note that it only removes dangled images, or images that don't currently have a relationship to other tagged images.

[00:44] Use docker system prune -a to remove not only all dangled images, but all unused images as well.