Create a Hello World App with Preact

Shane Osbourne
InstructorShane Osbourne

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By creating a simple ‘hello world’ example application first in vanilla Javascript, and then in Preact without any tools, we’ll learn what type of problems Preact is solving for us and how is works at a low level. Then we’ll switch to a Webpack + Babel setup we’ll cover some fundamental concepts such as, which imports we need, how to create a component, how to use JSX and finally how to render our component into a target element in a web page.

Wiesław Młynarski
Wiesław Młynarski
~ 4 years ago

Hey. Just a notice to the first step with raw html page. Having the html file from src directory in previous lesson it was not clear for me, that you have to create another index.html in the main directory to be able to import node_modules I just spent some minutes wondering how come it was working in the video.