Customise the Appearance of an App using react-beautiful-dnd onDragStart and onDragEnd

Alex Reardon
InstructorAlex Reardon

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This lesson will show you how you can use the <DragDropContext> onDragStart and onDragEnd callbacks to add style updates to your application.

Using these callbacks will give you fine grain control of the look and feel of your application while dragging content throughout. In this lesson, we will update the text color of our list items as well as set the background color while dragging said item.

Marcell Ciszek
Marcell Ciszek
~ 9 months ago

There is one thing I don't understand. How can we have a method that takes a params but when we use that callback function in our <DragDropContext> we don't pass any argument ?

I'm trying to write this application using react hooks.

Great course by the way.