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    Set up a React Environment with create-react-app

    Alex ReardonAlex Reardon

    In this lesson we will set up a React environment using Create React App for use in the remainder of the course



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    Instructor: In order to start exploring react-beautiful-dnd, we need to set up a React development environment. A simple way to do this is to use the create-react-app project, which is available directly through npm. By running this command, we'll create a new React application inside of the task app folder.

    Now that the installation has finished, we can move into the task app folder and run yarn start to start the development server. We can see over here, on localhost port 3000, our boilerpipe project has started.

    Here we have our index.js file that was created by create-react-app. For now, we're going to strip this back and remove all the things that we're not interested in. Just go over these, and we'll go over here. We're going to just remove the files that we're not using.

    We now have an empty React development environment that we can build on.