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    Install & Configure the AWS Amplify CLI


    In this lesson we’ll show how to install the AWS Amplify CLI & then configure it with an IAM user so we can begin creating new Amplify projects.



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    Instructor: To get started, we'll install the CLI by running npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli. Now that the CLI has been installed, we'll run amplify-configure to configure the CLI with the user from our AWS account. This should open up the AWS console. Once you're logged into the console, jump back to the command-line.

    We're next prompted to specify an AWS region. For me, that's us-east-1. Now we can give a username for the new user that we're about to create. I'll give mine the username of amplify-egghead-cli-user. This should open up the IAM dashboard in our AWS account.

    This IAM user has some preconfigured settings that we can accept by clicking Next Permissions, Next Review, and Create User. Once the user's been created, we're given an access key ID and a secret access key.

    Copy the access key ID to your clipboard, jump back to the command-line and paste it into the prompt. Do the same with the secret access key.

    Here we can set a profile name. I'll give the profile name a name of amplify-egghead-cli-user. Now the CLI has been configured and we're ready to begin initializing new AWS Amplify projects.