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    Introduction to The Beginner's Guide to ReactJS


    Here's an intro to the course material. Enjoy the course!



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    Instructor: In this course, we'll start from the very basics of React, and give you everything you need to know to start developing web applications with the hottest framework of the web. Every lesson is in a self-contained index.html file that we can make changes to in our editor and load up directly in our browser.

    There's no black magic going on with build tools or things you have to install. This way, you won't be distracted by all of those things, and you can focus on learning React. I'll show you how to use those things at the end of the course.

    The goal of this course is to help developers, both new and experienced with React, gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts in React and how React works. We're not going to jump straight into React and JSX. Instead, we start out with a blank index.html file, and we don't even use React at all.

    Then, we slowly add more and more of React concepts into the course as we go. You'll gain an understanding for what the React.createElement API is, how JSX is a simple abstraction on top of it, and what Babel does to our JSX to make it work like regular JavaScript.

    This is to help you learn and understand how React really is just JavaScript, just objects and functions. The slow progression through the course will help you to see not only useful React features, but also how those React features solve problems that you see in web applications.

    Doing things this way will help the knowledge stay more firmly in your mind. You know what solutions to reach to you when you're faced with specific problems.

    We'll cover the very basics of React and its common APIs all the way through state and the component lifecycle hooks, building and using forum elements, why React demands a key prop when you render in array of elements, and how to make HTTP requests with React. All the things you'll commonly face when making a real React application.

    Then, we'll wrap up with a lesson on how to move from your index.html file to a more production-ready development environment with codesandbox.io and Create React App. Finally, how to deploy your amazing applications to an amazing service like nullify.

    I hope you enjoyed this course and even more that you enjoy building awesome stuff with the knowledge it gives you.