Chain Functions using the pipe/reverse-application Operator in Reason

Nik Graf
InstructorNik Graf

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

Concise and readable code is an important aspect of good quality and maintainability. The reverse-application operator aka. pipe operator allows us to chain functions together without the hassle of creating intermediate let bindings or complicated nesting.

Instructor: [00:01] To demonstrate the pipe, also called reverse application operator, we're going to use an example where we apply multiple functions. The goal is to convert an upper case text to a lower case, then capitalized, and finally bound to the name info.

[00:17] We can achieve this using the function capitalize, and inside, lower case. With the reverse application operator, we can do this instead.

[00:30] [pause]

Instructor: [00:39] Especially in combination with partial application of arguments, this syntax can be quite handy. Here we use sort, reverse, and find to find the largest entry smaller than four in a list.