Pattern Matching using switch in Reason

Nik Graf
InstructorNik Graf

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Pattern matching is probably one of the best features of the language. It comes down to two points:

  • check for a certain structure of a value
  • extract parts of that value

Since it's such an integral part of the language it comes with a lot of useful tricks like piping multiple patterns into one case. In this lesson we will explore all of them.

Artem Korchunov
Artem Korchunov
~ 2 years ago

Hi Nik, you have missed ed ending for Not request there

Reason #
type request = 
  | Loading 
  | Success(string)
  | Error(int);
  | NotRequest;
type request = Loading | Success(string) | Error(int) | NotRequested;
Nik Graf
Nik Grafinstructor
~ 2 years ago

Good catch, thx Artem. Will notify the Egghead team to fix it.