Install Rust

Pascal Precht
InstructorPascal Precht

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Published 3 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

In this lesson you'll learn how to install Rust's toolchain.

Instructor: [00:00] To install Rust we head over to and then we click Install. We scroll down to this curl command here. Copy it and run it in our terminal. This will ask us to customize the installation, but we'll just proceed with the default one and hit 1.

[00:24] Once that is done, we have a few new commands, including rustc, the compiler program. We have cargo, the package manager, and we have rustup, the toolchain command.

J. Matthew
J. Matthew
~ 3 years ago

The install page warns at the bottom that the PATH variable might not be updated successfully right away (or at all), and indeed the output in Terminal concluded with telling me the variable would be updated once I had signed out and in again. Restarting Terminal did the trick and allowed me to run the various commands at the end of this video.

Pascal Precht
Pascal Prechtinstructor
~ 3 years ago

Hey Matthew!

Thanks for bringing this up. That's a very good point and obviously not something I've covered in this lesson (reason being that my PATH was already setup).

I hope other people running into this will see you comment here!