Invite a New User to Your Strapi App

Daniel Phiri
InstructorDaniel Phiri

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Published 9 months ago
Updated 9 months ago

Inviting users to your Strapi application is simple. First, we'll create a role for editors so they can't publish or delete content then we'll add the user and fill out name and email. This gives us a URL that we can send to the new collaborator and they can set their password and log in to the Strapi dashboard.

Instructor: [0:01] In our Strapi app, we want to invite a new user. To do this, we'll go to our settings and first define some permissions for different roles in the admin. We'll click Roles and we'll click Editor. We'll change the permissions for editors to revoke access to publishing and deleting. We'll click Save.

[0:23] We'll go to users. We'll create a new user called Daniel2. We'll give them an email address, and we'll select this user's role as editor, and we'll invite the user. We'll copy this link and open it in a new tab. We'll set our password.

[0:59] Now, when we check our content manager, we can create a new entry, but we cannot publish. When we go to our other role in our content manager, we can see the new entry and we have the ability to publish. That is how you invite a new user into your Strapi application.