illustration for Modern CMS Driven Web Applications with Strapi and Next 13

Modern CMS Driven Web Applications with Strapi and Next 13


Daniel Phiri
45m closed-captioning
20 lessons
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Published 4 months ago
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Developers aren’t the only ones working on sites.

Marketers, copywriters, designers, and other non-coding roles all need to be able to make content changes. If you don't want to be bothered to open a PR every time a typo needs fixed, you need a CMS.

And Strapi is an amazing CMS option.

Strapi helps you quickly build a robust content API. You can host it yourself, it supports both RESTful and GraphQL, handles your authentication, lets you bring team members and it's highly customizable with plugins and extensions.

You can take those gains even further by adding Next.js 13 to the stack.

Next.js is fast, supports both server and client-side rendering, and features dynamic routes. Once you are generating dynamic pages from your CMS you’ll see just how powerful the combination of Strapi and Next.js is!

In this course you will do the following:

  • Building Content Models with Strapi
  • Fetching Data from your Headless CMS
  • Using React Server Components
  • Using the Next.js App directory
  • Setting up pagination in Strapi and Next.js
  • Parsing and rendering content in your Next.js application
  • Connecting external services to your Headless CMS (like Cloudinary for Media Management)
  • Deploying your Next.js and Strapi Applications to a production environment
  • Setting up and using Strapi Plugins Transferring data between your Strapi environments

By the end of this course you’ll be building pages and managing your content like a pro!

Course Content

45m • 20 lessons

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