Upgrade a Strapi App in Development and Production

Daniel Phiri
InstructorDaniel Phiri

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Published 9 months ago
Updated 9 months ago

When a new Strapi version is available, you'll see a notification in your admin panel. You can also check the Strapi GitHub releases page that is linked in the notification to see what's new in the latest version and take note of the latest version number.

Once we upgrade the Strapi dependencies and install again, you'll notice the notification is gone and when you check settings the version number has been updated. To update production, you push your changes to GitHub and run git push heroku HEAD:main.

Instructor: [0:00] When we open our Strapi application, we noticed that the current version we have is out of date and a new version is available. Click See more, where we directed to our releases page and see that a new version V4.10.5 is out. To upgrade to this version, we'll start by copying the version number and opening our terminal.

[0:20] In our terminal, we'll stop our application and open VS Code. In our Strapi app, we'll open our package.json. In our package.json file, we'll update the dependency number for these five dependencies. We'll start with that Strapi and change that to a 5, 5, 5 and save our work.

[0:39] We'll go back to our terminal and type yarn install. Once all upgraded dependencies have installed, we'll rebuild our admin with yarn build. When our build is completed, we'll start our server with yarn develop. When we refresh our Strapi application, we notice the banner is gone.

[0:59] In our settings, under Overview, we also have confirmation of our updated Strapi version matching the latest Strapi version that is out.

[1:09] You might want to upgrade your production version of your Strapi application too. To do that, we'll go back to our terminal. We'll stop our server and save our changes with git add. We'll make a commit, and we'll type git push heroku HEAD. Once the app has been deployed, we enter our credentials to log in.

[1:39] When we check our settings, our deployed production version is also on the latest Strapi version. That is how you upgrade your Strapi application.