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    Course Intro and Overview
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Course Intro and Overview

Kyle Shevlin
InstructorKyle Shevlin

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Welcome to my introductory course on State Machines and the XState library. This course is roughly broken down into three parts.

In the first part, we'll explore the problem state machines set out to solve. We'll take a problematic function, iterate over it until we understand where state machines come in and save the day.

In the second part, we'll learn all the fundamental concepts of the XState library: machines, interpreters, states, events, actions, context and guards. This will be a solid foundation for starting to use XState on your own.

In the final part, we'll explore more advanced uses of the XState library: hierarchical, parallel and history states, and invoking services such as promises, callbacks and other machines.

My hope is that course teaches you what you need to get started with state machines in your work today.

Thank you for watching and enjoy the course.