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    Trigger Actions When Entering and Exiting a XState State


    Actions aren't limited to being called on transitions. They can also be called when we enter or exit a state node. This is done through the entry and exit properties.

    The API for entry and exit actions is the same as that for actions on transitions. It can receive a single function or an array of functions, each which will be called with the next context and the event object that caused the transition.

    This is a powerful way to fire side effects based on states rather than transitions.

    states: {
      broken: {
        entry: [
          (context, event) => {
            sideEffectToFireWhenWeEnterTheBrokenState(context, event)
        exit: [
          (context, event) => {
            sideEffectToFireWhenWeExitTheBrokenState(context, event)