Prepare for JavaScript Interviews and Your Next Job Search

Zac Jones
Zac Jones
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Getting hired to a new position can be a long arduous journey that has a few phases that you should be prepared for.

This guide will help you start your job search (effectively), prepare for technical interviews and learn how experts do it, and last but certainly not least effective salary negotiation.

Being on the search for a job is not just yeet’ing your resume into the dark abyss that is the internet. There are ways to grow your reputation and effectively network yourself into a solid position where you have a real chance to secure your next job.

Below are conversations and talks given by people like you that have gone through this process and have expertise to share with you.

Prepare for your interviews

Successful interview techniques

The interview itself can be a stressful experience even when you feel unprepared. We’ve curated a some resources below to prepare you for your next interview:

Technical Interview Prep

Technical interviews can range from whiteboard coding to building out algorithms you likely won’t need for your next job. It’s good to refresh yourself on the basics and be prepared for the various algorithms and data structures you might need.

Salary Negotiation

Receiving an offer from a company can feel like such a relief you might forget you’re allowed (encouraged) to negotiate what your compensation will be. Most companies have a salary range as well as various benefits that are on the table for negotiation, you just need to know how to do it.