Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript

Kyle Shevlin

Kyle Shevlin

Hi, I am Kyle! I'm a front end JavaScript developer who loves teaching and helping people out. When I'm not coding, you can probably find me playing golf, ultimate frisbee or making music.

About the Course

This course teaches you how to implement your first data structures and algorithms. In the process, you’ll learn some fundamental computer science concepts as well. We’ll build these from scratch using JavaScript, but what we learn can be taken and used in any other language, too.

You will learn how to build: queues, stacks, linked lists, graphs, and trees. You’ll learn to implement several different sorting algorithms: bubble, insert, merge, and quick. Each of these lessons will not only teach you their implementation, but the tradeoffs made in choosing one over another. By proxy, you’ll learn about concepts like Big O notation and recursion.