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Build a REST API with Express 5 and node 14


Jamund Ferguson

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10 lessons
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Published 4 years ago
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Learn how to build a simple REST API to store notes using the latest built-in node features including native ES modules, the fs/promises API, async/await, the nullish coalescing operator, and destructuring. No compilers, no build steps, pure code.

This collection of lessons is great for beginners to Express as long as they are familiar with JavaScript and the HTTP protocol. Those more familiar with node and express will appreciate a fast-paced, modern take on using these popular tools and will likely benefit most from the lessons on input validation, models (which emphasizes a lot of new syntax), using fs/promises to serialize a Map, and accessing asynchronous data with async/await.


View the source for this project in the project's github repo.


  • I'm not very pedantic about REST and basically just mean an API over HTTP
  • Express 5 is still in alpha (and has been for over two years), but most of these lessons apply to Express 4 as long you use something like express-async-errors to add support for async routes and middleware

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28m • 10 lessons

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