illustration for Modernizing a Legacy Redux Application with React Hooks

Modernizing a Legacy Redux Application with React Hooks


Jamund Ferguson
25m closed-captioning
14 lessons
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Published 3 years ago
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Many engineers working with redux have felt burdened by large amounts of boilerplate code and confusing indirection. These apps often rely on legacy patterns that are no longer recommended, but are still commonly found in production code bases. If you are are an engineer working on such an application, this course is for you. In it I will show you how to modernize your application, with react hooks, one component at a time. At the end of it, we'll still be using redux, but the structure and content of your code will be significantly improved.

We will cover migrating class components to functional components with react hooks and how to replace connect() with redux hooks. This course will serve as a good tutorial for learning react hooks. It will also help you apply modern patterns for using redux. These patterns, powered by the new useSelector and useDispatch hooks will transform your redux applications for the better.

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25m • 14 lessons

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