React Native Fundamentals

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Tyler McGinnis

Tyler McGinnis

Educating at Google Developer Expert. Former Director at DevMountain.

About the Course

If you're a web developer who has been itching to get into native development, now is your chance. In this series we'll be talking all about React Native. React Native allows you to build native iOS and Android applications in JavaScript and React.js.

Regardless of your experience with React, or even with iOS development, my hope is that this series will be beneficial to everyone who is starting out with React Native. We'll jump straight into developing with React Native by looking first at the ecosystem of building React Native apps - including Xcode, the iPhone simulator, live reload, debugging, and more.

Once we get our ecosystem set up and our hello world example running using ES5, we'll jump straight into building a fully functioning iPhone app which utilizes many of the best parts of developing with React Native all while covering React.js and refactor to ES6 along the way.

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