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Sync State Across Components with Recoil in React


Tomasz Łakomy

5m closed-captioning
3 lessons
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Published 4 years ago
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This course will give you a clear understanding of how to start managing state with Recoil.

Recoil is a state management library for React applications. It provides several capabilities that are difficult to achieve with React alone. It aims to solve a few problems such as shared state, derived data, asynchronous queries, app-wide state observation, routing, and many more issues when managing complex state.

If you are working on an application that is going to need state sync between components, derived state, app-wide observation, Recoil might be the appropriate library for you!

This course will guide you on how to implement Recoil's Hooks in a quick project where you'll have an integer stored on an atom and the use of selectors will allow you to re-calculate a derived state, which in this case, it will calculate the square of your integer.

An efficient and practical course to learning Recoil. The Recoil version used in this course is ^0.0.7, and the latest version is 0.3.1, yet this is still a great introduction to understanding the core functionality of Recoil. As of 0.3.1, there are no major breaking changes.

What you'll learn:

  • Add Recoil to your React project
  • Create a Recoil `atom` and use it to store a piece of state
  • Use `useRecoilState` hook to read and write an atom
  • Use `useRecoilValue` to access the value stored in an atom in a read-only fashion
  • Use 🔥`selectors`🔥 in order to calculate derived data based on state stored within atoms (this is *really* powerful!)

Course Content

5m • 3 lessons

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