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    Faster Edits in Screenflow with Mouse Customizations

    John LindquistJohn Lindquist

    By re-assigning a couple mouse buttons, you can drastically improve the speed you can edit your lessons in Screenflow. This lesson shows how to customize using the Logitech software, but the concept should work for any mouse customization software as well.



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    Instructor: In my mouse software, I am going to create a customization for an application. In ScreenFlow, I want my middle click to be what's called an advanced click where it clicks while holding shift. That means that when I go into ScreenFlow, I can do a normal left click here, and then middle click here, and it will shift and select that entire region.

    I can right click, middle click, left click, middle click. That sets us up for...got to customize this gesture button to be a keystroke assignment. What I want this to be is command delete. That's our magical ripple delete keyboard shortcut.

    Now to edit my video, I can click, middle click, and then thumb click, click, middle click, thumb click, click, middle click, thumb click. This is how I edit the vast majority of my lessons. It's just selecting and ripple deleting those areas.