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    Hide Mistakes in Screenflow with a Second Recording in the Top Layer


    We all accidentally forget to close something before recording a lesson or leave something on the screen unintentionally. This lessons covers using Screenflow to hide mistakes you may have made by making a second recording, placing it on top of your recording, and cropping out the pieces that you need.



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    Instructor: In this lesson, I accidentally left the console open the entire time, and I want to hide that. I'm going to open my project, and start a new recording and screen flow. Once I select end recording, it'll ask me to add it to the document, which I'll do.

    Then come over here to my media, and you'll see it selected. It'll have both the visuals and the audio selected, but I only want the visuals. I'll just select that. Then I'm just going to right-click and add to timeline at the scubber.

    You can see here that it is covering up. There's no motion here, and it's just covering up the video underneath it. I can show and hide it with this little eyeball here. It's hidden and shown. You can see that it's covering that up.

    I'll select this visual, and come into here in the video. I can crop this so that the only piece I take is this bottom right-hand corner to cover the console. I'll scoot this all the way off to the left, and then all the way off the top.

    Or if it's bigger than that, which this one is, you can hold down control. That turns on the cropping mode. Holding down control, I'm just going to eyeball this. That should get rid of the console there. If I scrub, you can see that this comes back into view right when this clip ends over here.

    What I need to do is just hold down alt, and then expand it all the way out. I'm going to hold down Alt and scroll to make my clips smaller, or zoom out and hold down Alt again, and drag this so that it extends to the end.

    Now, essentially, I have a layer, just like in Photoshop, of a white clip, which is now hiding my console, the entire video, and not blocking. You can see the code and everything happening in the browser, and it's not blocking anything else that's going on.

    This same approach works for hiding things like the explorer, a console, tabs, or other things you may want to hide, if I wanted to hide my icon up here. Any piece that persists throughout the entire video, you can hide with this technique.