Adding code coverage checking

Kent C. Dodds
InstructorKent C. Dodds

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Now that we have code coverage being reported, let's make sure that nobody commits code which drops code coverage below our standard by adding a check-coverage script that utilizes istanbul's built-in check-coverage command.

~ 5 years ago

Hi Kent!

How can we integrate this coverage checking with webpack?

I have been searching but I haven't found anything. =(


~ 5 years ago

I got the answer myself.

In an webpack usage, we still need to install "istanbul" dependency, just to run the command "istanbul check-coverage build/reports/web-coverage/coverage-final.json --statements 100 --branches 100 --functions 100 --lines 100" agains the "coverage-final.json" produced by karma-coverage. So it's important to have reporter type as "json" in the reporters array of coverageReporter karma.config file.

coverageReporter : {
          dir: 'build/reports/web-coverage',
          reporters: [
              {type: 'json', subdir: '.'},