Add and Configure Products in the Stripe Dashboard for an Online Store

Colby Fayock
InstructorColby Fayock

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Published 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

Part of any eCommerce store starts with what you're trying to sell: the products.

Stripe has a lot of services to give you flexibility as a store manager and that starts with a management tool right in its dashboard to add and manage the products of your store.

We will start with a fresh dashboard and create a few products. You'll get familiar with how to navigate Stripe and learn how to set the Title, Price and upload an image for your products.

Instructor: [0:00] To manage our products and take payments, we're going to use Stripe. In order to get started with Stripe, we're going to need an account. I'm not going to walk you through that process, but you can sign up for free right on Once you sign up for Stripe, you're going to be dropped into the Stripe Dashboard.

[0:12] If this is your first time seeing the Dashboard, there's a lot to see here. For our purpose though, we're going to go over to the Products section in the left sidebar. Once we're on that page, unless you've set up products before, you should see the dialog for adding a new product. Once we select that, we should see some product information fields where we're going to add each of our products.

[0:29] For instance, we can add our first product, which is a Space Jelly T-shirt. Because the description is optional, we're just going to leave that off, so we don't have to manage it in two places. If we scroll down on this page, we can see that we hit the pricing section.

[0:40] For our T-shirt, our pricing isn't going to be recurring. It's going to be a one time, so we're going to select the one-time field. For the price, we're going to enter in $20. For the pricing model, we're going to leave that at standard. Once we're happy with the price, we can hit Save product.

[0:54] Now, we can see we created our first product. With our new product, we should immediately notice a few things. We can see the product ID, we can even see when it was created. If we scroll down, though, we can see where we set the price of $20 USD. We can see that that price has its own ID, which we'll use for later lessons.

[1:09] One thing we didn't do when creating this product is add an image. Even though we've already created our product, we can go to the edit form, where we see the same product fields as we did before. Meaning, I now can click the Upload dialog, where I can find my images. Here is my Space Jelly T-shirt, I can select that, and that uploads my image to my product.

[1:26] If I hit Save, I can save that product. We can now see that the product details includes the image. If we go back to the products list, we can go ahead and repeat that same process with each of our other products. Once I'm done, I have all three of my products right in Stripe.

[1:39] To recap, we started off in our Stripe Dashboard. To manage our products, we found the Products section inside of that Dashboard. We then added each product where we can now manage and take payments for them in Stripe.