Create a New React Application with the Next.js create-next-app CLI

InstructorColby Fayock

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React is a powerful library that gives us the ability to build dynamic apps with the power of JavaScript and the browser. With it, we can personalize apps and add interactions that allow us to deliver a better user experience to our visitors.

Next.js is a web framework that sits on top of React taking the power of React to another level. With it, we get additional data fetching utilities and site compilation that providers optimized builds with logical ways of managing our data.

create-next-app is the easiest way to get started with Next.js. This CLI tool will scaffold a bare-bones Next.js application that is configured for you to start using right away.

We will generate a new application and explore the directories and files that were created for us. The important directories to note are the pages and styles directories. The pages directory is where your app entry point, API, and other pages you will create live. You'll likely spend most of your time here! The styles directory contains global s