Create a Simple WebSocket Server to Distribute Patches from Immer

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In this lesson we will send patches over a WebSocket to our server, and distribute them again from there.

Alonso Lamas
Alonso Lamas
~ 2 years ago

Error [ERR_REQUIRE_ESM]: Must use import to load ES Module: /Users/wandarkaf/Documents/egghead/immer-gifts/server.js when I run yarn run start-server.

My node version is v12.11.0. Are you familiar with this issue?

Thanks for the tutorial.

Lucas Minter
Lucas Minter
~ 5 months ago

According to this issue on github, the problem with node was fixed in the version after the one your currently using. Update to version 12.11.1 and the problem should be fixed. The most recent version with this issue fixed is v13.1.0.