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    Display images using the Image component in React 360


    The Web is all about displaying various images, and React 360 is no different.

    In this lesson we are going to learn how to use asset() method to display images using <Image/> component as well how to style them using style property. The images we're going to display are going to come both from the external source as well as from our own assets.



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    Instructor: We have a view with the text saying that we should add an image over here. In order to do that, first import image from React 360. Next, we move this text component, we move the styles for the text, and we're going to display two flags.

    First, let me specify some styles. We're going to have a width of 50 percent and the height of 40 percent. In React 360, we can display images from either the Internet or from assets stored within our project.

    First, I'm going to just enter this flag style, as well as I'm going to provide an image. I'm going to set the style to flag. We need to specify the source for this image. Let me just copy and paste that, so the source property takes an object and inside of this object we are specifying that we would like to display this flag component taken from Wikipedia.

    After I save and refresh that, we're going to see the result over here. We have this flag component displayed. In order to use our own assets, we need to take a look inside of the React 360 project directory.

    Each React 360 project has a static assets folder. This is where you keep all your static assets. First, on this 360 width JPEG image, this is what we see when we look around inside of our app. We're going to put this flag into the PNG over here.

    Let's go back to index.js. In order to use static assets, we need to import asset from React 360. We're going to create another image component. We're going to set this style to flag as well and we're going to provide the source. We're going to set it to asset Flag Italy PNG.

    This asset function is going to take a look inside of the static asset directory and get this Flag Italy PNG for us. After I save and refresh that, we're going to see the result over here. We have two images displayed. One is from external source and the other one is from our static assets directory.