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    Display Output in React with a Component's render Method

    Joe MaddaloneJoe Maddalone
    0.14 - 16

    The render method is where the magic happens in your React components to display output to the screen. This lesson explains how to structure your JSX in a React component.



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    00:00 The render method of our React component is only allowed to return a single node. To illustrate that, right here after the H1, I'm going to create a second node. It's a bold tag with an inner HTML of bold. We can see we do in fact get an error here. "Adjacent JSX elements must be wrapped in an enclosing tag."

    00:19 The reason this doesn't work is it's the equivalent of trying to return a function followed by another function. That function is React.createElement. It'd be like trying to return React.createElement followed by React.createElement, and that's not going to translate well to JavaScript.

    00:36 The way that we solved this is by wrapping our nodes in a parent node. I'm just going to create a div here. I'm going to wrap these guys, our H1 and our tag, in that div.

    00:48 Let me just clean this up a little bit, save that, and we can see on the right everything is working as expected.

    00:55 You'll notice I am wrapping my JSX in parentheses. I can go ahead and get rid of those. Everything will work fine if I bring the first line of our JSX up to the same line as the return statement.

    01:06 That's going to work just fine, but as soon as I put it onto the next line, it is in fact going to break. I just as a preference, not a requirement, wrap my JSX in parentheses just so that I can utilize all the white space.