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    Correctly Define Heading Levels of a Web Page

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    Similar to Landmark Regions, Heading Levels are used by web browsers, plug-ins, and assistive technologies to provide in-page navigation.


    • Each page should have at least one <h1>
    • Pages should be structured in a hierarchical manner
      • <h1>: being the most important (usually page titles or main content heading)
      • <h2>: usually major section headings
      • <h3>: sub-sections of the <h2>
      • and so on
    • Do not skip heading levels - always follow consecutive order
    • Do not use text formatting, such as font size or bold to give the visual appearance of headings.
      • Use actual heading (<h1> - <h6>) for all content headings
    • Do not use heading levels to achieve visual results only