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John Lindquist
InstructorJohn Lindquist

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Published 5 years ago
Updated 4 years ago

Editing a raw lesson video is a very simple process. You simply watch your own lesson and edit out all the bad takes and dead space using the "Ripple Delete" command. You will be left with a nice, cut lesson ready to export and upload.

[00:00] As an example, the raw, unedited version of the "Record one thought at a time" lesson was seven-and-a-half minutes. When I edited out all the mistakes and dead space it cut it down to two minutes and 17 seconds.

[00:14] What that looks like is essentially watching your lesson, so you hit the space bar, and listen to it, find the good parts. Then drag and hold shift, and select the bad parts.

[00:30] Then, what you'll do is ripple delete this command right here which I've bound to Control-T. Ripple delete out the bad parts.

[00:39] Shift, I've found a bad part. Control-T, goodbye. Drag shift bad part. Control-T, goodbye.

[00:46] You're ripple deleting all the bad parts and keeping all the good parts. Always remember there's usually some empty space right at the beginning, where you'd want to shift and select that and delete that out, as well as right at the end.

[00:59] For the audio you'll want to select all of the audio pieces, smooth out the volume levels, which will boost the sound quite a bit without any clipping. Then go ahead and file export it. The web high setting should work.

[01:13] If you use the high DPI mode make sure you're scaling down by 50 percent so that the final document is 1280X720. Then click export.

[01:23] One tip for the keyboard shortcut of ripple delete, which is usually Command-Delete, which is a hard keyboard shortcut to hit with one hand is you can change it to something like Control-T. If you go into your keyboard preferences, app shortcuts, click plus, select screen flow, and then type, "Ripple delete," and then pick your keyboard shortcut. I used Control-T.

[01:47] To be honest, you're going to ripple delete the crap out of all of your raw videos.

Héctor BlisS
Héctor BlisS
~ 5 years ago

this course is just great! thanks! =D

Jermaine Oppong
Jermaine Oppong
~ 4 years ago

Love this! Thanks so much for the helpful tips.