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    Teach Step-by-Step

    John LindquistJohn Lindquist

    Teaching an egghead lesson should feel like walking the audience through a set of instructions. Do this, then that, move that, twist this, finally push that. The audience wants to see you putting the code together. Assembling your demo while they watch makes it feel much more real and achievable.



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    Record your lesson with a step-by-step approach. If my lesson title is, "How do I subscribe to an observable in Vue," then I would show step one start by npm installing vue-rx and rxjs, then step two would be to import VueRx from vue-rx, then import Rx from rxjs, and so on.

    While you don't say step one and step two out loud, you do have an inferred step one, do this, step two, do that. You work progressively through your lesson, showing them how to do exactly what you stated in the title.