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    Pick a Lesson Title


    Before recording your first lesson, pick a title that accurately reflects what you plan on teaching. Use the "How do I..." trick to properly frame your lesson and title. "How do I dig a hole with a spoon?" would be answered with a lesson titled "Dig a Hole with a Spoon." Or "How do I eat a lobster with chopsticks?" would be answered with a lesson titled "Eat a Lobster with Chopsticks."



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    Start by creating a title for your lesson using the "How do I" approach. How do I create a TypeScript library? How do I create a virtualized list? How do I create reusable HTML components? How do I use Prettier with TSLint?

    Asking the question, "How do I?" before the title let's the audience know the content of your lesson is going to be exactly what the title says it's going to show you how to do.