Manage React Form State with redux-form

Rory Smith

Rory Smith

Rory is a front end developer from Somerset in the UK. He is most interested in building beautiful, practical and accessible user interfaces using React. He lives in Leeds with his partner Vel, who is also a web developer.

About the Course

Working with forms can be laborious, but redux-form takes out the tedium and replaces it with an enjoyable way to create beautifully crafted forms. You get the benefit of integrating form state with an existing Redux application, plus the ability to track the state of your form with precision in Redux DevTools, without writing lots of boilerplate code.

In this course, we will use the redux-form package to create a form whose state is easy and enjoyable to manage. Over 46 minutes and 14 lessons, we will:

  • find out how redux-form ties into a React/Redux application
  • learn how to use both synchronous and asynchronous validation
  • use real-world examples and effective ways of presenting relevant information to the user

Learn to create precise, reusable form components, and enjoy yourself in the process.