Content Modeling and Data Design with

How we are using Sanity to add layered contextual metadata to our large catalog of learning resources.

Build a Content Management System for an E-commerce Store with Next.js and Sanity

Having the ability to build an online store opens up a ton of possibilities, whether you’re building that store for a new client to pay the bills or you’re trying to start your own business. In this article, you will learn how to build a CMS for an ecommerce store with Next.js and Sanity.

Product Images That Don't Byte with the Next.js Image Component

Performance matters no matter the type of project. Providing a good user experience should be fundamental to anything we build. But it becomes even more critical to a business when dealing with an online store. By using the Next.js Image Component, you can add images to your project just like you would the standard img tag and be confident that you’ll be serving optimized images to your website visitors.

Codemods with Babel Plugins

A codemod is an automated way to transform one set of syntax into another. They're often written to ship with API changes or other things that fundamentally change the interface developers interact with.

Handling copy and paste in Cypress

There are no out of the box ways of handling copy and paste in Cypress, but there are ways of effectively testing it.

Improve Performance with the Object Pool Design Pattern in JavaScript

This is an in-depth article on the object pool design pattern and how it used to improve performance.

Use the Intersection Observer API For Analytics Events

Pageviews only tell a tiny part of the story of what your visitors are doing on your site. Modern web APIs make creating tracking for certain events much more performant than in the past, and one of those is Intersection Observer.

TailwindCSS Dark Mode in Next.js with Tailwind Typography Prose Classes

Add a dark and light mode toggle switch to your Next.js fueled Tailwind styled website.

Simple GitHub Issues Powered Blog

Create a simple blog using GitHub issues as the post and rendered with React