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    Create a Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Frame in Figma


    In this video, you will learn how to create frames (i.e. layouts) in Figma using the "frame" tool. This will allow you to get up and running quickly using pre-defined sizes.



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    Instructor: After you create an account in Figma, you'll see this screen called Drafts. We're going to click on "New file." In here, you're going to navigate to the top and select the frame tool.

    Once you select that, you'll see these predetermined sizes on the right side of your screen -- we have phone sizes, tablet, desktop, watch, paper, etc. We're going to select Google Pixel 2.

    We're going to go back and select the frame tool again and go down to tablet and select iPad Pro 10.5. Then one more time select the frame tool, go down to desktop, and select MacBook Pro.

    Now we have three frames. We have our mobile version. We have the tablet version and then the desktop version. This makes the process a lot easier because now we don't have to go out and look up the different sizes for mobile, tablet, or desktop.