Duplicate Grouped Vectors to Create a Patterned Logo in Figma

Joe Previte
InstructorJoe Previte

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 10 months ago

In this lesson, you will learn how to duplicate grouped vectors to create a patterned logo in Figma.

Instructor: [00:00] Next, let's create a fake logo. Go to the top, select the Shape tools and select the Polygon. Hold Shift and click and drag until you have a triangle about this size. Now go back to the menu and select the Pen tool. Let's zoom in and draw some caps.

[00:21] Click to drop an anchor and then draw out a line. Then click to drop another anchor and this will create a path. Do this like so. Let's go ahead and close it off by clicking at the top of the triangle and then closing it back where we started.

[00:44] Before we click Done, let's select the Paint Bucket tool. What we can do is select an area within that path, in this case, the entire area that makes up the snow-cap. If we click that and then change the fill to white, we now have a white snow-cap on our mountain.

[01:03] Close that menu. Then let's go back to our polygon and change this to brown. It looks a little bit funny, so let's go ahead and click on the base and then head over to the right and click the Plus on the Stroke menu. Let's try changing it from inside to outside. That looks a lot better.

[01:30] Let's go ahead and group both of these layers. Remember, to do this, we can click and drag till we have both selected. We can Ctrl or right-click and select Group Selection. Balance the amount of it, let's hold the Alt and then click and drag so we have a copy.

[01:51] Let's do it one more time. Let's line them up. Let's take all three of those mountains and group them together. Finally, let's call this Fake Mountain Logo. Hopefully, that gives you a better sense of Figma's Pen tool and how you can use it to draw vector-based icons and logos.