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    Export and Share Figma Frames


    In this lesson, you will learn how to export frames in Figma to share with others. You will also learn how to share links so others can see your design happening in real-time.



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    Instructor: In Figma, there are a few ways you can export and share your frames with other people. The first one that we're going to look at is exporting your frame directly. Let's say we wanted to export this frame, titled Google Pixel 2, which is the login frame.

    If we select that, and then on the right side scroll down to export, you'll notice we have this export menu. We can change the size that it's exported at. We can change the file type, and then we can also see a preview before we export it. If we click export Google Pixel 2, then name that "mobile view login screen," and hit save, now we have access to it locally.

    We can send that in an email, or through whatever other communication tool we're using. The other way is by sharing a link directly. If you scroll up to the top bar, you'll see this share button. If you click that, there are a few things you can do here. You can share it so that anyone with the link can view, or you can specifically invite people if it's a private project.

    You could also embed this page on your website or somewhere else as an iframe. One of the cool features of Figma is being able to see others editing live. If I were to share this link with you, and then I were editing it at the same time that you were viewing it, you would be able to see my cursor and watch me develop.

    This is a really powerful feature because it allows for real-time collaboration and real-time updates on the design process.