Add a Reusable Figma Component to Multiple Frames

Joe Previte
InstructorJoe Previte

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 9 months ago

In this lesson, you will learn how to add a reusable Figma component to multiple frames in your project.

Instructor: [00:00] There are a few ways you can add the component. The first way is by clicking on the component, holding alt, and then clicking and dragging onto the layer. The second way is by navigating to the components library on the left side of your screen. When you do that, you will be brought to a new menu that shows you all of your components.

[00:20] Let's go ahead and click on the button and then drag it onto our tablet screen. Notice how when we go back to the layers menu, we see the icon is different. This icon, which looks like a diamond, represents an instance of component versus the component itself or the master component is four diamonds.

[00:41] Last, to add it to our MacBook Pro screen, we can hold alt and then click and drag. Now let's go ahead and add our input to all three as well. Now let's see what happens when we modify the master component.

[00:57] Instead of saying "Click me," let's change this to say, "I'm a button." Now if we scroll down, we'll notice that the instance has been updated because the master component was changed.

[01:13] Let's go ahead and change the color. If we click on the component, then double-click until the rectangle layer is selected, let's change the fill to a lighter blue. Same thing. All of our instances of this component should now be updated, as we can see in all three cases.

[01:32] Let's say, for example, you didn't want an instance of a component to update when the master component changes. What we can do is right-click or control-click on that component and select "Detach instance."

[01:47] Now, if we double-click on this rectangle and change the fill back to that dark blue and then zoom out, we'll notice that only this instance changed, while the master component and the instances of that master component stayed the same. By utilizing components in Figma, you can take advantage of this powerful feature to help you build reusable designs.