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    Add Static Data to a Gatsby Theme


    Learn how to load data from MDX (or any data source) and ensure the necessary folders exist.

    To do this, we'll need to add the data in a folder in the project and install two plugins: gatsby-source-filesystem and gatsby-transformer-yaml

    In gatsby-config.js, both of those plugins will be defined in the plugin array and the data will be exposed through out our application through GraphQL.

    For a written version of this course, check out the Gatsby docs.



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    Instructor: To get started on our theme, we need some data. We're going to create a folder called Data, and inside of it, we're going to create events.yml. Inside here, we're going to add information about conferences. Each of these conferences has a name, location, a start date and end date, and a URL.

    To read these, we need to install a few more dependencies. In the terminal, we're going to run yarn-workspace-gatsby-theme-events add-gatsby-source-file-system. This is so that we can load this events.yml. Then we're going to install gatsby-transformer-yaml so that we can turn that yaml into something that Gatsby can use.

    As we are waiting for that install, we're going to create a gatsby-config.js. In this, we're going to set up module.exports. This is our gatsby-config object.

    In the plug-ins array, we're going to add gatsby-source-file-system. For it's options, we want to point to this data folder that we just created. Next, we add gatsby-transformer-yaml, and we're going to pass in an option to set the type name to event.

    With our plug-ins configured, we can start up a Gatsby development server and see the data that's been loaded. Start this with yarn-workspace-gatsby-theme-events-develop. This starts up the Gatsby development server. While it hasn't added anything to the page, it is going to give us our GraphQL.

    When we open localhost 8000/underscore-underscore-underscore-graphql, we're looking at the graphical explorer. In here, we can come in and take a look. We can see that we've got an all event query. Let's grab that and the nodes, and for now, let's just get the name.

    We can see that the data from our yaml file has now been loaded. If we continue checking boxes, we can see that we have all of that data coming out which is great. We're now ready to start building pages.