Create Data Driven Pages in Gatsby with GraphQL and createPages

Jason Lengstorf
InstructorJason Lengstorf

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Published 5 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

To create pages in Gatsby, there are 4 steps needed before actually doing the thing:

  • ensure data directory exists
  • define the event type
  • define resolvers for custom fields
  • query for events

Now that these are done (see lesson 03 and lesson 04. Lets create the allEvent query and loop through the result with createPages.

For a written version of this course, check out the Gatsby docs.

Instructor: [00:00] Our last step in Gatsby Node is to create pages both for the even previews and individual event pages. We're going to do that using the createPages API hook. This one, because we're going to be running a GraphQL query, is going to be async.

[00:17] We're going to start up by getting the actions. We want GraphQL. Let's also grab that reporter. Set up a base path, which we will set up to be just a / right now. We'll build the pages at root. Let's set up our first page, which we'll do using the createPage action.

[00:42] This one is going to live at the base path. The component we're going to use doesn't exist yet, but it's going to be called event. We'll put it at source/template/events.js. We'll create that component in just a second.

[01:01] Next, we'll set up our GraphQL query for individual events, which will store and result. Result is going to be the result of the GraphQL query, which will await because it returns a promise. That query is going to be all event and we want to sort these by the start date. We're going to sort them in ascending order.

[01:24] We're going to get the fields of start date and the order is going to be ascending. All we need back from this is for each event node, we're going to get the id and the slug. If anything goes wrong, it will show up in result.errors. We can check for that here.

[01:49] If something does go wrong, we'll run reporter.panic, which will cause a builder and put out an error message. We'll say there was an error loading events, and show the actual error that showed up, so reporter.errors.

[02:07] Just to make sure that nothing else happens, we'll return. If everything goes well, we're able to grab at our events, which we will extract by going to It will loop through each event.

[02:27] We're going to get the slug out, which is going to be at event.slug, and call the createPage action. The path will be the slug. The component doesn't exist yet, but it's going to live in the source/templates/event.js file.

[02:54] To make sure that we can identify which event is which, we're going to send in the event id as context. That is going to be pulled out of the event object at .id.

[03:06] Our last step to make sure that these pages build is to create the components. We need to create the event and the events components in source/template.

[03:19] Let's create the source/template and we'll start with events. These aren't going to show any data yet. They're just going to ensure the things don't break. We'll call this one events template. It's going to give us what to do.

[03:46] We'll export that as the default. Copy that. We're going to create another placeholder. This one is going to be called event template. This is going to be for single events. To test this, we can run yarn workspace Gatsby theme events develop. That will give us a local host 8000, or we can go check to see that we've got our event's page.

[04:28] If we trigger for four to see what's being created, we can see the pages for dinosaur.js, React Rally delete developer and JSHeroes have all been created. Each of those says there will be event page.

~ 5 years ago

Code from the video doesn't work -- got this error in the console:

9:32 error Expected type eventFieldsEnum, found startDate. Did you mean the enum value start_date?

Daniel Berhane
Daniel Berhane
~ 4 years ago

This video does not work. I am getting the error message, "undefined. Exception: ERROR_LOADING" playing this video

David House
David House
~ 4 years ago

Content is great, but it was often difficult to type along with you because of your IDE function introspection window. It would often obscure what you most recently typed, and there were times where what you typed was only visible for a split second. Please disable this IDE feature in future videos! :)

Samuel Suther
Samuel Suther
~ 4 years ago

On Line 70 it must be "result.errors" instead of "reporters.errors"