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    Install the Latest Version of Gatsby


    In this lesson, you’ll learn how to install the latest version of Gatsby and the barebones “Hello World” starter.

    You will use the global Gatsby CLI tool to initialize a project with the starter template that the Gatsby team makes available to us.



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    Instructor: To get started, we're going to run npm install --global gatsby@next and gatsby-cli@next. This ensures that we get our latest versions. We'll let npm do its thing. Once npm is done installing, we'll run gatsby-v to make sure that we're running greater than version 2.

    Now that we've confirmed that, we can run gatsby new. I'm going to call it My-blog. I'm going to pass it the Github repo of the Gatsby starter "Hello world," which is the minimum viable Gatsby. Once that done installing, we'll go into the My blog directory, and we'll run yarn to install all of the dependencies.

    With the dependencies installed, we can run gatsby develop. Once it loads up, we'll see that it's running a "Hello world" on localhost:8000.