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A curated collection of Monoids and their uses

1:12 JavaScript lesson by

A gallery of monoid definitions and some use cases

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A gallery of monoid definitions and some use cases


Having trouble with the foldMap over the stats List.of. Getting acc.concat is not a function, any ideas? Here's my code: http://bit.ly/2hqhXZ8

Brian Lonsdorf

Posted on Github, but posting here for others. Data.Either has not implemented concat/traverse yet. Here's our either

const Right = x =>
  chain: f => f(x),
  ap: other => other.map(x),
  traverse: (of, f) => f(x).map(Right),
  map: f => Right(f(x)),
  fold: (f, g) => g(x),
  concat: o =>
    o.fold(_ => Right(x),
           y => Right(x.concat(y))),
  inspect: () => `Right(${x})`

const Left = x =>
  chain: f => Left(x),
  ap: other => Left(x),
  traverse: (of, f) => of(Left(x)),
  map: f => Left(x),
  fold: (f, g) => f(x),
  concat: o =>
    o.fold(_ => Left(x),
           y => o),
  inspect: () => `Left(${x})`

const fromNullable = x =>
  x != null ? Right(x) : Left(null)

const tryCatch = f => {
  try {
    return Right(f())
  } catch(e) {
    return Left(e)

module.exports = { Right, Left, fromNullable, tryCatch, of: Right }
In reply to Sean

Sweeet, thanks! FWIW I also added isRight: true, isLeft: false to Right and vice versa to Left in order to get First and find working. Really enjoying this course, thank you.

In reply to Brian Lonsdorf
Joel's Head
Why are we asking?