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    Practical Git: Copy remote repos to local machines with git clone


    When working on code, we need a way to stay in sync across multiple devices and potentially multilpe team members. We also may need to work on our code offline. To do these things, we can "clone" a remote repo (from a git repo hosting service like GitHub or Bitbucket); git cloning means we make a copy of an existing remote repository onto our local machine with the git clone command. This command also automatically sets up the remote repo and branch tracking. Once our repo is cloned to our machine, we can work on the code in this directory offline or with teammates at the same time and then when we need to sync up we can push our code back to the central “remote" repo; we can also clone this same repo onto multiple machines and “pull” updates from the central “remote" repo whenever we want. In this lesson, we walk through how to do this.