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    Practical Git: Navigate git command pager output with Unix less commands


    When using a git command that can have a large amount of output (like git log, git diff, or git blame), Git opens the command output in our terminal "pager"; on most modern Unix-based systems, the default pager will be "less". Learning a few less commands will help us deal with this git command output that opens in the pager. In this lesson, we show some of the most useful of the less commands: q (quit), j (down), k (up), Ctrl f (forward), Ctrl b (backward), /{search} (search), and n/N (next/previous search result).

    This lesson only covers some of the most critical less commands; there are more commands available. A good chunk of the commands (and "motions") of the Unix pagers are also used by vi (or vim) and other Unix programs.