Create an eCommerce Store with Next.js and Stripe Checkout
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Create an eCommerce Store with Next.js and Stripe Checkout


Accept payments & sell products powered by Stripe and the best of the JAMStack

There are as many ways to build an e-commerce store on the internet as there are products to sell. One thing is for certain, e-commerce is here to stay and as professional developers we need to understand how to build fully custom stores for our clients using the best modern tools available.

  • React: flexible and customizable while following modern best practices
  • Next.js: lightening fast with guide rails to help your project perform like consumers expect
  • Stripe Checkout: let's you offload reams of complicated business logic to a trusted third party that maintains regulatory compliance, global payments, and a standard UX.

Your store will have well managed local component state using React Hooks and you'll also have clear and cohesive shared (global) state with React Context.

Finally you'll deploy your custom store to Vercel (the platform behind Next.js) as well as how to make your Next.js e-commerce store portable to deploy to other platforms.

By the end of this project, you’ll have your own dynamic eCommerce store with a working checkout flow.

  • Manage local state with React Hooks
  • Manage global state with React Context
  • Purchasing flow with Stripe Checkout
a screenshot of space jelly shop interface
React Context API
Data Fetching
React useState
Custom React Hooks
Stripe Integration
Manage API keys
Dynamic Routing
CSS Grid
Vercel deploys
Colby Fayock
Meet Your Instructor
Colby Fayock

Colby is a UX designer and front-end engineer living on the Philly side of Pennsylvania. He got his start in web design customizing his AIM and MySpace pages, and quickly graduated to whole websites for teams and bands. He currently works as a developer advocate for Applitools.

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